Allan Gallant (The Airplane Guy) had his first ride in an airplane when he was 14 and it was love at first flight. He caught the flying bug and has been involved with aircraft ever since. He progressed though the ranks in air cadets as a teen, earned his glider pilot’s wings and taught theory of flight as well as ground school to other interested teens.

After graduating high school, Allan joined the Air Force as a technician and spent the next twelve years crisscrossing the country, working on a wide variety of fighter jets and helicopters, flying in and maintaining some of the world’s top aircraft.

Allan’s aerial adventures extended beyond aircraft and he took every opportunity he could to bail out of them as well, even earning his parachute jump certificate.

Since graduating university in 2002, Allan has worked as an educator at space and science centres and museums. His time at these learning centres helped him discover a second passion: teaching. A perfect fit, he could continue his love for aviation and inspire students at the same time.

As an educator, Allan has worked with over 60,000 students of all ages and abilities. He has developed programs on a wide range of flight and space technologies and has hosted presentations and workshops across Alberta.

One of Allan’s main teaching philosophies stems from a quote by Socrates who said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” He understands that not everyone will share his love of aircraft and flying, but flight can motivate students to think and explore their world. For Allan, airplanes are simply a conduit to higher learning and are perfect tools for teaching. Let your students’ imagination soar with the help of The Airplane Guy.

With over 25 years experience in aviation and thousands of Calgary students taught, The Airplane Guy is exactly who you need to invoke the magic of flight in your classroom. With hands on teaching aids, multi-media and a great sense of fun, he will bring a highly experienced and original perspective to your lessons.